Hereford Hogs
We have raised many different breeds or crosses of hogs through the years here. After a lot of research, we decided to try a heritage breed, the Hereford Hog. yes, they are the same red & white color as the Hereford cow. a very brightly colored, flashy pig. the pros were to be; good on pasture or confinement rearing, good flavor, maintaining some lard/fat to keep a good flavor to the meat, but not excessive, a docile easy to manage pig, that didn't get huge. after butchering our 1st, we are very pleased with the results. Full flavor, 3 sm containers of lard for baking, nice pig. our unofficial rate of gain was 1.76 lbs per day. not our biggest gain, but certainly a nice gain. on a diet of raw whole milk, some grains, and plenty of greens. a nice red pork, full of flavor. it looks like we'll keep them around. We have 3 Hereford sows. we have a registered Hereford boar. we will be adding in purebred reg gilts in the next year, hopefully. meet some of our pigs here, the gilts, registered boar, Jason & the market pigs. we will have whole & half hogs available Sept/Oct of '16. we raise them on whole raw Jersey milk, with some grain mix; oats, corn, alfalfa pellets, with leftover fruts & veggies from the garden, some pasture. we're working on  getting the pigs out 100% to pasture, for *pasture* raised pork.  price is by hanging weight. we prefer to deliver to SWISS meat, where you make the arrangements for cuts/packing (additional costs, based on what you have done) the delivery is included in our price.