Jersey Cows.
Nutmeg & Brat.
We've had Jerseys since we moved here. We started with one unregistered cow & her heifer. We've added others through the years. We use some AI. We're looking to start breeding for the smaller Jersey cow, the original family Jersey. we are working with ours on grass fed, for wholesome milk. we will occasionally have grass fed steers for sale, good lean meat. by the half or whole, del to the packing house. 
Benjamin showing Ginger/Grape & Fall Festival 01
Ginger/Benjamin-Grape & Fall Festival '03
Benjamin's new heifer, Cinnamon.
Born 8/03 raised on goat's milk!
We told Benjamin not to make this a habit, could be not so fun when she's grown. It was a cute shot, though. she loves her *mom*!
Benjamin showing Cinnamon at Grape & Fall Fest. '03. he halter broke her, and did all the work to have her ready to show.
Sparkles, 3/04 heifer. 
Cinnamon at 2 yrs old. 

Sugar (or the Princess)  our last '04 baby. here as a yearling. 
Sugar & her new '07 heifer, Sprinkle
Sparkle & Spice's '07 heifers, Sprite &  Clove
St James Grape & Fall Festival '09 Sugar took SUPREME CH overall . Benjamin hasn't been able to make as many fairs the past couple years, but the quality's still there!