Blogging or; Living Life At Novelty Farm.
Living & Loving Life At Novelty Farm
​Today is a Day the Lord has made, let us be glad & rejoice in it! It was a beautiful fall Sunday here. in the '70's in Oct. wow, what can I say. Though it's expected to change over to sweater weather the next couple days. I love fall days like this. I am getting ready to start working with the bay MFT green mare, and the 4 young ones, as well as Leroy. with this weather, I plan on riding, or at least, getting some ready for riding! we'll find out how well my bones hold up, at this point in time. lol plans are, Mon, get the bay mare & Cat up, put them behind the house, so I can get my hands on them easily, every day. once I see how well the bay mare handles, I'll start on the young ones. she was broke to ride, but then was spoiled, I did ride her once, and she threw 20 kinds of temper tantrums, in 10 min. so I'll start with some reviews from the ground, take my time, see how much she remembers, and how quickly she picks it back up, and is ready to ride. Then I'll hand her over to Bob. Benjamin will be riding Cat, she's the safest, and is ridden with a bitless bridle, which helps with the problem she came with of *light* front end! no more without a bit in her mouth! I can't wait to get riding, fall & spring are just the best time to ride. I don't mind winter, either. even getting out & playing in the snow with the horses. just not ice! no fun! :) time to get ready to run to town. Bob's getting cleaned up, after being under the house, trying to fix a plumbing problem. no, it's not fixed, yet, but with it getting dark so early, he can't see under there anymore. I have several Cairn volunteers, to go under & help him. I can only imagine their kind of help. lol till next time, God Bless!