FAQ & General info found here. 
*deposits* are non refundable, after the litter/baby has been born.  If something comes up in your life, we will apply your deposit toward the next litter/baby, toward the same as initial hold. ie, you put a deposit on a pet male, you will get a pet male. We will work with you, as much as possible. but once the pup, foal, calf, etc has been born, we have turned away other buyers, based on your deposit and hold. Now, if we do not have what you want, we will return your deposit, or put it toward a future litter, your choice.  

Health testing. Ask to see specific test results. the Gamprs will have hips & elbows checked, all our adults have had eye checks and cleared for breeding, no vision problems. On the Cairns, we are do eye testing, no vision problems to date, and just started bile acid testing, coming up normal results. Our vet does a health exam before they leave, so we get their knees checked (so we know we don't have any congenital problems there) and general health. We will continue to test, and keep the results on hand. while no on can absolutely guarantee we won't have a genetic problem, we can do the best we can with testing, and promise to stand behind our breeding program. We guarantee all our puppies for 2 yrs. that will cover genetic congenital problems, that will cause their death, or euthanasia. it also covers against crippling dysplasia. we do have some requirements, such as no breeding before they are 2 yrs old. (pets can not be bred at all), and following health testing protocols. we also reserve the right to have a second opinion. If purchasing a show prospect, our guarantee is a little more extensive, covering disqualifying faults, and others, you are buying one of the best (as far as show) pups in the litter. All this is in writing. 

Competition & Working (dog). We believe in first and foremost, breeding a sound, great looking dog, with much potential, to go in many directions. So we compete in conformation, when we can, to prove our dog's structure and type, meets the breed standard. (a blueprint, if you will, of what each dog should resemble, and looks like the best of the breed). We also compete or try and work in areas the breed is used for. Earthdog/Go To Ground for the Cairns, our Gamprs are working LGDs. We also love to prove the soundness of our dog's minds, and ability, by competing in Rally & Obedience. we have dabbled in tracking, and plan to pursue more in that venue, in the not too distant future. Some of our dogs are even Therapy Dog tested, and do visits, proving once again, their exceptional temperament. if you are simply looking for a fantastic family companion. We have proved, with ours living with us, and their many accomplishments, they are more then suited for that, and more!! We try not to breed to fads, though at times, we may breed into something we want, planning on another future breeding, to help improve other areas. We do always keep temperament, health and soundness, first and foremost, in mind. with that in mind, we practice early puppy stimulation, and start socializing outside, as soon as they start vax. We are careful where we take them, and what we expose them too, but expose we do! Cairns are raised in the house, started crate training, started housebreaking, and depending on age, may have been started or well leash broke. Sometimes, we have an older pup/dog available, for their own forever home, either they have been retired, or did not quite make the cut for showing, but are the perfect companion, as well as potential competition dog in sports, earthdog, therapy dog work, etc. We will have Gamprs available for working & some will be breeding quality. hopefully, we can get them recognized, so we can also show them. 

about Limited Registration. AKC, which our Cairns are registered with, (or pups will have litter reg. aps.) has a Limited Registration section. This allows us to place our pet puppies, at a slightly reduced price. Limited registration simply means, no litters can be registered from this dog, nor can it show in conformation/breed. a Limited reg. dog, can still compete in all sports, rally, obedience, tracking, herding, earthdog, agility, etc. If you buy a pet puppy from us, not for breed ring, it will come with limited registration marked on it's papers. Please let us know, if you are also interested in competing in breed/conformation, that would require the top pups in the litter, who excel in type, conformation and a little bit of attitude. These pups will be available at a higher price, and with Full registration rights. We will withhold papers on the Gampr pups, until they are altered, per contract. 

REVISED- Puppy Vaccination. We follow a minimal protocol. on the pups, they will receive single shot (parvo, distemper) on this schedule. 
1st- parvo 8 wks
1st- distemper 9 wks
2nd- parvo 12 wks
2nd- distemper 13 wks
3rd- parvo 16 wks
3rd distemper 17 wks
a rabies done by the vet, after 20 wks of age. we do a 1 yr booster, then go
to every 3 yrs on rabies. (by law) our adults will receive one other distemper/parvo around 2 yrs of age. We recommend you discuss your protocol wishes, with your veterinarian. This is what we have arrived at, after over 30 yrs in dogs. We also feed ultra premium holistic kibbles, and raw food. we believe in building our dog's from the inside out, and letting them fight off problems with a healthy, strong system, with minimal outside assaults from meds, vax, etc. we will use antibiotics, on a case as  needed, but prefer to allow good nutrition and healthy bodies, to fight their own battles.

In the event something comes up in your life, and you can no longer keep your dog, purchased from us, please notify us immediately, and we will do what we can to help. We will assist you in placement/rehoming, or take them back, to place them ourselves. We have that clause in our contract, for a reason. We don't want our dogs dumped in a shelter, rescue, etc. We want to know where they are, and that they have a good, safe, home! 

GOAT KIDS- will be bottle raised, CAE preventative. disbudded, and cdt vax. We will band all except the most exceptional quality bucklings. 
Hair sheep-available when ready for processing. occasional ewes lambs for sale. 
JERSEY CALVES- will be bottle raised, introduced to halter, and disbudded. 
MFT FOALS, will be available on weaning, usually around 4m of age. They will be started in halter, accustomed to having their feet handled, heads, body, etc.