Armenian Gampr
This page will contain info on the Armenian Gampr. some general info will be added on. most will be about our Gamprs, Isildur, Galadriel his niece, the (dilute) off white Arwen, and our other male, Jamsho (import from Armenia, a real shepherd's dogs)  they are registered with the Gampr club of America;  we love our Gamprs, as working LGD's, they are also fantastic family additions!! I will be adding pics, showing their growth and development. yes, their ears are cropped, that's a working crop, tails are optional. some of mine are not, but I like a docked tail. all my working dogs, w/ears, get them shredded, ripped in half, defending the stock. as I said on another page. we've been using LGDs to protect our stock for 25+ yrs. we started with a Kom X Pyr, then a Pyr, Maremmas, ASD, TM, ASD x Pyr, ASD X Maremma, Gamprs, CAS & a CCL. the Gamprs are on the opposite end of the spectrum with defense drive. being on the high end, with Pyrs on the low end. not the dog for most beginners, but a great working dog!

Please be aware, that many Gamprs being imported, are not shepherd's dogs. due to politics & economics, many of the 'show dogs', are fighting dogs. some mixed with other breeds. (merle is not a pattern in any LGD, but is recently showing up, indicating mixed breeding). many live in tiny backyards in the cities, being promoted as the ultimate *guard dog*, other traits are being selected for, not the shepherds traits. these dogs can be very dangerous to your stock. so be careful choosing your breeder. make sure the dogs live with the stock 24/7, yr round. are mature & health tested. (min of eyes, hips & elbows). Jamsho here, is one of the few imported directly from shepherd's in Armenia as a pup. my others a few generations removed, but are working here, proving themselves. Isildur has been excellent, same with Galadriel, after maturity set in.

Isildur at 6m, playing with Legolas, his mentor.
Isildur & Legolas w/Benjamin. 6m old & 90 lbs 
Isildur, when we brought him home, 4m & 50+ lbs
Isildur w/Legolas, in the snow, 8m old. 
Isildur to Legolas. how about my smile! 8m
Here's out newest Gampr additions. They were born Oct '10., arrived here from CA in Dec.  Her name is Arwen, his is Faramir. also a May '10 niece of Isildur, Galadriel. We are excited about these new additions!  update '16. sadly, Faramir was removed for stalking stock, destroying fences, failed his eye check & hips were suspect. his sister, Arwen was removed, when x-rayed & submitted for OFA, her hips, well, basically she had NO hip sockets, and her bones were restructured & had to be in a lot of pain. she was euthanized. check the OFA database, see how the breeders are checking, or not, their breeding stock. the breed has problems & many are not testing, just breeding. there are 8 Gamprs in the database, 4 are mine. I have the only males in the database to date. available for stud. can ship semen. to approved, health tested, working bitches. 
This is the pups after arriving, about 8 wks old. girl is on lft, brother on rt
See how they've grown in 3 wks, about double their size. Arwen's on left, Faramir on right. 
I love the head on Faramir, looks like a polar bear. Arwen's in the rear. about 11 wks old. 
@ 3 months, the last time he picked up both at the same time. lol
the beasty pups at 3 1/2m. Arwen & Faramir.  

Isildur @ 21 months. boy, can this agile boy move! 

this is the 'make my day' shot, I can roam anytime day or night around the farm. 
Jamsho (import) came to work the farm as a young adult. great with the stock, even tempered, great working guy! 

Jamsho smile! with the ducks splashing in puddles behind him. he has the docked tail.
Isildur is excited, his baby calf herd is growing.
Isildur, love the way this boy moves. cat like, for his size.
Isildur taking care of a problem, egg eater that was approaching his ducks. 
A young Galadriel, mud running!
Younger Arwen. 
Isildur went to training class, observing quietly.