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Wegner's Novelty Farm
This page was last updated on: December 31, 2023
Wegner's Novelty Farm is a small family owned and operated farm located in So/Cen MO. We raise and show a variety of animals here; MO Foxtrot horses, Jersey cows, Dairy goats, Rabbits, Heritage poultry, Hair sheep, Cairn Terriers & LGDs. We were established in 1985 with 160 acres in the lovely area near St. James MO. We chose the name Novelty, which means "unique &/or different", which we feel we truly are! We breed for conformation (looks & soundness) as well as temperament, & health, feeling that a structurally sound, trustworthy, healthy animal is of utmost importance, whether a show, working or companion animal. We also raise our own meat, organic garden, as naturally as we can. Grass fed beef, dairy, chevon and lamb, raw milk fed hogs, pasture poultry & eggs. 
Welcome to our farm! Come on in and take a tour!
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Meet International CACIB & SAC CH Sir Jake Waterman, 10yrs 8m! You can see him informally on our Cairn page, along with his "kids"! on 7/12/05 at 13 yrs, Jake tested and passed his CGC test. just because he could! <g>  he passed away at the age of 16 1/2 yo. meet his kids, gr'kids, gr'grkids & gr'gr'grkids on these pages. 

The Cairn Terrier Ring

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Novelty Farm
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Check out our pages for more info, or our FaceBook page for day to day info! 

update for 2024!

Cairn pups. Breedings planned for this year, watch for updates. DNA was done on all the Cairns, along with hearts, eyes, knees, bile acid, for health testing. 

Coming yearling ewe lambs available, running with ram. as well as a couple proven, coming 2 yr olds, also with ram, available.  3/4 Katahdin x 1/4 Dorper.  will start lambing in March.

will have Beef available grass fed Belted Galloway steers. can deliver to packing house of choice, within reasonable distance. can also buy in halves or quarters. 

some Belted Galloway X heifers available, all belted. tri color or two. 

Join our Facebook page. plenty of pics, day to day events, pics of what we raised, with their new families. more room to post tons of pics on the Novelty Farm FB page. so drop in and *like* us. 
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