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Bob & I decided we wanted to have more land, live more rural, and moved here in '85. We've been here since. More room for the MO FT horses, Dairy Goats, Jerseys cows, Hair Sheep, Hereford hogs, Poultry, Rabbits and us! At that time we were showing horses heavily, started showing dogs, and dabbling in SchH. (obedience, tracking & protection). We bought the goats, to have milk for big litters of pups, foals,  or problems, and decided it cost the same to manage a good herd, and better production! we had the Jersey first, but their milk, while great tasting and healthy, is not as widely used with other species.  things change, usually for the better, and we moved on to Cairn Terriers, a couple years after Benjamin was born, in 1992. We didn't have as much time to show, with milking goats, cows, and raising our own food. But, we continued training, put on CGCs, and when Benjamin was a little older, Therapy Dogs. Then we started showing again, and you can see the results throughout these pages. We're into organic and holistic, our family, pets and livestock. We do minimal vax, when needed, buy or grow organic as much as we can. we put in a couple dwarf peach trees. Our nectarine, another peach, several types of apple trees, and pear trees, have arrived, as well as putting in blackberries & raspberries. we also have honey bees, w/org plans there, as well. Oh, did I mention the wildlife here? besides the squirrels, cottontails, quail, geese, wood ducks, coons, skunk, possums, armadillos,  deer..there are coyote, fox, and even bear & big cat (bobcat & cougar). With LGD's we rarely see the predators, but they don't mind the deer, etc. coming around. we have one doe that raises twin fawns nearly every year, out in front. on occasion, we'll see a bald eagle overhead, as well as red tail hawks. & falcons. There's bass, blue gill & channel cat in our big pond. a creek runs through our place in back. we're at the foot of the MO Ozarks, country at it's best!  We have wild blackberries, persimmons, gooseberries and hickory nuts, that we pick when in season. blackberry cobbler, persimmon nut bread, gooseberry preserves....served with home-made *Jersey* ice cream!  we enjoy showing at the local/regional fairs, get togethers with friends & our church family. we're working toward being as self sufficient as we can. yes, we have the trout park & wineries nearby, not far off historic route 66. 
Bob retired from UPS (after 36 yrs driving for them) in '05. poor guy, little did he know, that would free me up for more dog show travel. lol  and more volunteer time! He leads the archery project in 4H in Phelps Cty here. Helps me with my various projects, and hauls Benjamin around as needed. He even helped me finish Boromir's Jr earthdog title, when we had other commitments. He's put an RN on 1 dog, tested w/Rose for Therapy Dog visits, and is active in our church group. Bob was born in MI, raised in MO, Navy stint for a few years when young, allowed him to travel around a bit more. He also went from the city, to the farm. He's the one that gets the organic garden growing. We love to go down to Baker's Creek during their spring planting festival, and buy their heirloom and organic plants. He'll also come and hold dog leashes for us ringside, and when he has to, go in the ring for us. He's Benjamin's biggest cheering squad! Did I mention, for a few yrs, he was hooked into  helping a lot backstage during theatre, too. yes, he's good at helping build sets, can run a spotlight, and do scene changes, as needed. now he's active in the local bee club & into politics more heavily. this pic is Boromir, right after he finished his Junior Earthdog final leg, to win the title. Bob carried him in, and put it on him.  His most recent venture is honey bees. he plans to have 5 to 6 hives going.  we've been married 31 yrs as of 6/1/17.
Theresa, the one behind these pages, has been whelping & rearing puppies, delivering kids, calves, foals, and milking for many, many years. working with stock, dogs, milking, etc, takes up a lot of my time. in my 'spare' time<g> for many yrs, I was co-leader of a 4H club in Phelps, as well as a project leader for Dog, Dairy Goat, Theater Arts, Rabbit,. The Dog project was my big one, it was countywide, and I taught obedience, rally, JR handling, as well as introduce them to the world of dog shows. We were a home-schooling family. now Benjamin is away at university part of the yr, freeing me up for more volunteer work. I'm originally from southern IL first the city, then more rural. I actively compete in Conformation, Rally, Obedience, and Earthdog. I am doing pretty well, earning a couple titles a year, with limited showing. competing in some of these sports with Terriers, is another world. lol recently, I have started tracking with the Cairns. I just wanted more to do. lol I'm the president of our local kennel club, and head trainer. I'm obviously not a webmaster, but hey, I get by!  so enjoy the rest of the site! one more thing, since I love sharing info that has helped us, I would also like to throw in this link, that has been so much help to me since having my hypothyroid problem identified. really informative, detailed site  www.stopthethyroidmadness.com  and, http://www.naturalthyroidchoices.com . also, I'm probably the most competative one of this bunch, which is part of the reason I show. (probably a big part) lol

Benjamin was born in 1992. then I had to figure a way to juggle milking, chores and baby. We managed. I had him *helping* by the time he was 18m. He wasn't really milking till he was more like 5 or 6. He can hand milk, or by machine. He's wrapping up his education.(BFA in Musical Theatre & Minor in Dance) He was in 4H, until he aged out,  he took; Dairy, Dairy Goats, Dog, Rabbit, Market Hog, Theater Arts, Photography & Archery. We homeschooled, believing that is the best education. He also took piano, guitar, vocal instruction, dance (tap, jazz, ballet & hiphop) he helped teach and did some gymnastics. He was in three choirs. Rolla Men of Song, St Pat's and Rolla Community Choir. He formerly performed with the Christian group Drama Force, which performs year round, at different venues. he participated in St Pat's Youth band. Benjamin showed dogs with me. He has helped me in breed with my Cairns. He first tested his personal Cairn, Toby, when he was 11 yrs old, for Therapy Dog visits,  then later with Issachar, who was also the first dog he put a CGC & RN on, at 13 yrs old. He's shown GSD's in breed, rally, obedience & JR's. His schedule is full, and keeps us even busier! He's grown up on the farm, been showing, milking, training, and working right along with us. He's been hunting with Bob, both gun and archery. He also fishes, mostly in our ponds. He has done some traveling, with his Aunt Christine Keeney., so he's not *stuck on the farm*. lol  Big into photography, he also is into creative writing, and loves to read. Need a public speaker? Benjamin would be the one! He's a lot like his Grandpa Terry Keeney!!! his most recent hobby has been making *movies*, Lego Star Wars characters, his Cannon Rebel xsi digital, and his laptop. He enjoyed traveling through Europe ('10), with Voyageurs Ambassador of Music. 7 countries (England, France, Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland & Liechtenstein) in two weeks! The following year was World Youth Day a pilgrimage to Portugal, Fatima & Spain, in Madrid the two big stops. ('11). Quite the world traveler he's become. 

Of all tyrannies, a tyranny exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It may be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron's cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end, for they do so with the approval of their consciences.
C S Lewis
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