Dairy goats, for milk, show or just plain fun!.
4H showmanship class, Benjamin & Chloe
County Fair, Best Doe in Show competition
We hand rear all babies on the bottle
We catch each baby as it's born.
Dairy Goats enjoyed by all ages! even not quite 2 yr olds (Daphne)
Pee Wee showmanship class, Fun! show ran all day, if you look close, you can see a paci in his mouth, he was exhausted. still showing, but barely able to stand. (little 1)
Phaith, Fancy's daughter, BDIS
Fancy, also a BDIS several times.
We won't have any kids for sale in '15. we are still working on rebuilding our herd, after cutting way back with Benjamin no longer showing. we have also added in Boer goats, with the dairy. 

We raise all dairy goat babies on CAE prevention , all babies on bottle & we milk the does, also do a little showing.

Visiting a nursing home!
"kids" showing kids, Grape & Fall Festival.
I'm not big on lamb, having tried the wool breeds, also didn't want all that shearing work. so we looked into some of the dif hair breeds. Decided to go with Dorper (or high % as some of these are) Hair sheep do not require shearing, they shed out. our Ram is reg. the meat is milder flavor, as their production goes into meat, not wool. will have grass & milk fed lambs to butcher at times.