Purina Farms Terrier Fun Day 3/11/07 
Boromir's intro to rats. (RAT 101)
Intro to the short tunnel, rats at end.
Intro to the longer tunnel, one turn. 
Let's take a good look!
 Ok, I think this can be done!
Going for it in the longer tunnel!
RATS!!! (bark, scream, claw) wow! what you find at the end!!

Cairn on the left, unknown, 
Cairn in the middle, Packy (backwards) 
Cairn in the right, Boromir, intent on the lure
Bor out in front, after the lure. 
2nd heat, Boromir now on the left, unknown Cairn in the middle, Packy on the right. 
lure, left front corner, Bor's on it. lol

Boromir on the lure!
Terrier Races!

Benjamin & Issachar try out the tunnel!
Rolla Christmas Parade & Bell Ringing
Rose & Boromir rear, Spike in lead. 
What a dog team! big hit!! Spike lead dog, pulling hard, Rose & Bor, rear dogs. me & Bob, holding back the team! 
Sophie, Boromir and Rose, we're still bell ringing for Salvation Army. 
Fun swimming at Lane Springs 
Boromir chasing crayfish & leaves. 
Teddy & Bor, what does he have?
more Earthdog. fall pics is fun day, summer pics is trial. '09
CH GB's Jessi James intro to rats. 
Jessi's intro to the intro tunnel. 
Boromir racing for Sr tunnel. partially hidden. 
Boromir, recalled out of tunnel. 
Spike, heading for JR tunnel. 
Boromir, at trial, ready to go! SR 
Boromir, is ready to go! heading for tunnel/rats
Boromir, entrance of tunnel, recall out. SR. 
Earthdog, or GTG (Go To Ground, is a fun pastime for our Terriers. Our guys retain a lot of the instinct needed for hunting. We use them for vermin control on the farm, as well has participate in GTG or ED trials when we can. ED was one of of our son, Benjamin's favorite activities to do with Terriers. It's more controlled than active hunting, but our dogs still like to play the game, as well as hunt vermin.